Environmental friendly

In the construction of mini hydropower plants, Hydrotec remains true to its commitment to environmental protection and genuine community development. In recognition of this, Hydrotec is granted permission to build hydropower plants in nature reserves. Hydrotec is the first and only developer in the Philippines allowed to build in nature protection areas.

Since the commencement of construction of the first projects, no trees have been cut, no local community members have been relocated, and no access road has been built within protected sites. The hydropower plants have an additional positive effect on territorial hydraulic protection river habitat naturalisation, ecological life, fauna and flora, fish and other organisms migrating up- and downstream through fish passes on flood control.

The major benefit is the annual contribution of hundreds of MWhs of clean electricity to the Philippine grid, rudction of brown outs, avoiding thousands of tons of CO2 emissions and a significant reduction of the import of crude oil and the operation of environment polluting carbon and diesel plants.

In addition to renewable power production, Hydrotecs ancillary byproduct includes bulk water supply. Our high-end turbine systems combine filtration processes which produce potable water for project communities.