Hydrotec Renewables Inc.

Hydrotec designs, builds and operates run-of-river hydropower plants.

While being a relatively new player in the Philippine power industry, Hydrotec possess an extensive, highly technical expertise in the field of designing, construction and operating hydro turbines and power plants.

About us

Run-of-River Hydropower

Run-of-river (ROR) hydropower is a type of hydroelectric generation plant whereby little or no water storage is provided. When developed with care to footprint size and location, ROR projects can create sustainable energy minimizing impacts to the surrounding environment and nearby communities.

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Premium side selection

During Hydrotecs one year study of the Philippine hydropower plant opportunities, the developer has compiled a comprehensive database about drainage areas and discharge data of rivers, annual rainfall, weather conditions, soil analysis, groundwater levels, irrigation, flood situations, condition/pollution of rivers, fauna and flora of the Philippines. Based on this data, Hydrotec has secured the rights to develop the most promising sites.

Our Approach

Environmental friendly

In the construction of mini hydropower plants, Hydrotec remains true to its commitment to environmental protection and genuine community development. In recognition of this, Hydrotec is granted permission to build hydropower plants in nature reserves. Hydrotec is the first and only developer in the Philippines allowed to build in nature protection areas.

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Project Pipeline

The pipeline contains hydro projects of 298.2 MW in the Philippines. The projects vary by several asset attributes such as size, feed-in-tariff/PPA price, development stage, rights and permits obtained, off taking counterparty, overall cost and commissioning date. Two hydropower plants of 12.8 MW in total are under construction, projects totalling 22.6 MW are ready-to-build, 24.4 MW are in development stage, 137.0 MW are in early development stage and 100.4 MW are greenfield projects.

Attractive Investments

Investments in Hydrotec projects offer very competitive returns and payback terms

  • Attractive FIT (ca. 0.11 USD/kWh) established in 2011, for hydropower and biomass extended until 12/2019 (photovoltaic and wind already utilized).
  • Renewable Energy Act incentives are some of the most attractive ones in the Asia Pacific region (i.a. income tax holiday for seven years).
  • Low development / construction costs: access routes available and medium-voltage power grid close to the powerhouses.
  • Construction costs substantially below govt. projection of 3.5m–4.0m USD/MW.

High return as a result of attractive project sites and experienced developer.