Hydrotec Renewables Inc.

While being a relatively new player in the Philippine power industry, Hydrotec possess an extensive, highly technical expertise in the field of designing, construction and operating hydro turbines and power plants.

Hydrotec designs, builds and operates run-of-river hydropower plants with utmost technical accuracy and maximum efficiency, considering all relevant ecologial and economical factors. The approach is eco-friendly and has met the approval requirements of Philippines regulatory agencies including DOE, ERC and DENR along with project site approvals for Hydrotecs first project series of DOE’s service contract awards.

Hydrotec’s impact on project communities does encompass reinvestment back into Philippines project site communities through local employment, support of schools, housing, organic gardens and eco-tourism.


Hannes Mueller, the founder & Managing Director of Hydrotec Renewables has over 30 years of hydro development experience in Europe. Previous experience includes the formation and management of two small hydro development companies: Feba GmbH (Germany) and HydroPower A.S. (Czech Republic).

Hannes Müller

Founder & Managing Director

Eric F. Mallonga manages Hydrotec’s corporate and legal affairs.

He is the former lead prosecurtor of the Philippines Department of Justice.

Eric F. Mallonga



Hydrotec currently employs 45 personnel, including local labors. The team has an experience of many years in engineering, construction, rehabilitation as well as operation and maintenance of mini hydro plants.